"Someday someone important will write a quotable story about our shows *hint hint*"

- Bethany Schweitzer , Managing Diva

"Thoroughly enjoyable!"

- Audience member at the Kennedy School

As young musicians passionate about opera and about the city they grew up in, Emily Nelson and Bethany Schweitzer Goshorn thought to themselves one day in 2015, why don't we have an Opera on Tap chapter in a city known for it's microbrews and amazing wines and spirits? After some contemplation, they decided if anyone should make it happen, it might as well be them! So they contacted the national organization and got a charter for a Portland chapter. The first show was at now closed Vie de Boheme in 2016.


Why be so passionate about opera? Because it speaks to the human condition. It expresses human emotion and relationship in a very unique and profound way. The human voice in all its glory has an almost visceral effect on us. In a culture that is so focused on instant gratification and short attention spans, opera demands your full attention and expects you to think and feel.


Chances are that people who say they don't like opera have never heard it live. Opera on tap seeks to change this by bringing the genre to people where they already spend their time: in the bar. It seeks to educate and to enlighten an audience that would never be exposed to the art form otherwise.